Cover: Rainman Rating: 0
Jan 19, 2014


Director:Tom Cruise, Bryan Brown, Elisabeth Shue, Kelly Lynch, Dustin Hoffman
Writer:Barry Morrow, Ronald Bass
Producer:Mark Johnson, Peter Guber, Jon Peters, Gerald R. Molen, David McGiffert, Gail Mutrux
Duration:133 min
Aspect Ratio:1.84:1


Charlie Babbit, a callow, two-bit hustler, is reunited with a long-lost brother when their father dies and Charlie discovers that his sibling stands to inherit three million dollars. In an attempt to lure the inheritance away from Raymond, an autistic savant who has spent his entire life in an institution, Charlie kidnaps him, and takes him on a road trip across America. It turns out to be a life-changing journey in which Charlie, getting to know his childlike brother for the first time, discovers in himself a capacity for love and compassion that he never knew existed.