Cover: Blood Diamond Rating: 0
Mar 25, 2014


Director:Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, Kagiso Kuypers, Arnold Vosloo, Antony Coleman, Benu Mabhena, Anointing Lukola, David Harewood, Basil Wallace, Jimi Mistry, Michael Sheen, Marius Weyers, Stephen Collins, Ntare Mwine, Ato Essandoh, David S. Lee
Writer:Charles Leavitt, Charles Leavitt, C. Gaby Mitchell
Producer:Gillian Gorfil, Marshall Herskovitz, Graham King, Darrell James Roodt, Paula Weinstein, Edward Zwick, Len Amato, Kevin De La Noy, Ben Waisbren, Josh Gummersall, Genevieve Hofmeyr, Philip Key
Duration:143 min
Aspect Ratio:2.37:1


An ex-mercenary turned smuggler. A Mende fisherman. Amid the explosive civil war overtaking 1999 Sierra Leone, these men join for two desperate missions: recovering a rare pink diamond of immense value and rescuing the fisherman's son conscripted as a child soldier into the brutal rebel forces ripping a swath of torture and bloodshed countrywide.