Cover: Dr. Dolittle 2 Rating: 0
Dec 9, 2013


Director:Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wilson, Raven Symon, Kyla Pratt, Lil' Zane, Andy Richter, Kevin Pollackm Jeffrey Jones, Steve Zahn, Lisa Kudrow, Michael Rappaport, Isaac Hayes, Andy Dick, Joey Lauren Adams, David Cross, Jamie Kennedy, Tom Kenny, Michael McKean, Cedric the Entertainer, Mancy Moore, Frankie Muniz, Arnold Schwarzenneger
Writer:Larry Levin
Producer:John Davis, Joseph M. Singer
Duration:87 min
Aspect Ratio:2.34:1


Eddie Murphy talks to the animals once again in this well-loved family comedy. This time, it's up to the good doctor to defend the habitat of a lone female bear, Ava (voiced by Lisa Kudrow), and introduce her to a suitable (if intellectually challenged) mate (voiced by Steve Zahn). Adults will enjoy the sly humor of Issac Hayes playing a possum; kids will love the world-class animatronics.